“These are heady, fertile days for death metal, but born champions always rise to the top. Reborn in tribute to a true great of the game, DEEDS OF FLESH remain at the forefront of all things brutal.”


“A 41-minute rollercoaster of visceral intensity, in Nucleus, DEEDS OF FLESH have crafted a fitting tribute to their fallen brother and ended a seven-year hiatus by returning to career-defining form.” 

– Distorted Sound

“Nucleus will be an album that will continue to inspire in the extreme metal scene, just as all their albums have. Lindmark would be very proud.”

– Nine Circles

“If this is indeed the swansong effort from Deeds of Flesh, Nucleus is one hell of a way to go out.”

– Metal Injection

“Very much a fitting epitaph for the legacy of Erik Lindmark”.

– The Razors Edge



**Deeds of Flesh unveil classic line-up**

Long-standing drummer Mike Hamilton returns; Jacoby Kingston returns to bass/vocals

Technical death metal pioneers Deeds Of Flesh unveil a classic line-up, with the return of long-time drummer Mike Hamilton. Mike’s drumming style has been a huge staple in shaping the band’s sound and laying the blueprint for the future of technical death metal.

The band comment: “We want to thank #darrencesca for all of his hard work on our most recent release, Nucleus. That album would not sound the way it does without his stamp on it. Darren is one of the most professional and skilled death metal drummers out there today and we guarantee you’ll be seeing him continue to push the envelope for the genre and drumming as a whole. We’re very proud to have Darren as a part of the Deeds legacy and wish him all the best and a future of success!”

This news follows the recent announcement that Deeds Of Flesh will return to the stage at next year’s HellFest Open Air in Clisson, France.

The band continue: “Although we wish we could be hitting the stage with our brother Erik Lindmark, we feel going forward it would be best to retain the classic Deeds line-up as much as possible.”

Jacoby Kingston will return to bass and vocal duties as he has done during his entire tenure with Deeds. Ivan Munguia will make the move from bass over to 2nd guitar, an easy transition given his recent guitar work live and in the studio with Continuum.

Going forward, Deeds of Flesh are:
Jacoby Kingston – Bass/Vocals
Craig Peters – Lead Guitar
Ivan Munguia – Guitar
Michael Hamilton – Drums

Mike Hamilton commented: “I am very excited to return to my rightful home as drummer of Deeds OF Flesh. I thought the opportunity of performing live with Deeds of Flesh would never present itself after the unfortunate passing of our brother Erik. I am honored and stoked to be reunited with my incredibly talented brothers Jacoby, Craig and Ivan and look forward to performing at Hellfest 2022 as well as writing new material for future releases!!!!!”

Jacoby commented: “Though I am saddened that Erik won’t be with us, I feel honored to regain bass and vocal duties and am excited to be jamming once more! 2022 is going to be an amazing year for the band and we look forward to crushing skulls once again.”

Darren commented: “Working with Deeds of Flesh is something I’ll always be proud of. When originally approached by Erik and the rest of the guys to join, the answer was undoubtedly yes. The band has an unmatched legacy in the history of the genre and it’s great to be a part of that. I approached ‘Nucleus’ just as any other album by crafting drum parts to enhance and push dynamically what the band is capable of. At many times along the way we didn’t know if ‘Nucleus’ would see the light of day, but nothing could stop its eventual release. It’s a tribute to Erik and needed to happen. As the band moves forward, I thank the guys for their efforts and comradery. While the circumstances are a bit bittersweet, I wish them the best going forward and am happy to have left my mark. For the future I will continue to do what I do best, work with other talented bands and artists while making heavy, extreme music!”

After a 14-year hiatus from playing live shows, Deeds Of Flesh are super excited to get back out there and play for the fans once again at #Hellfest2022, so get ready.

Craig and Ivan are proud to announce that they are now endorsed by Ormsby Guitars. Craig and Ivan will be playing Ormsby’s exclusively, both live and in the studio. Craig is currently playing an RC-One in a killer Orange Marblizer finish. Ivan is playing a DC GTR in Max Blak as well as a Metal X in a Red Dead finish. More info here: https://www.ormsbyguitars.com#ormsbyguitars

New album, Nucleus, is out now via #uniqueleaderrecords and features guest performances from #cannibalcorpse, #dyingfetus, #gorguts and more, paying tribute to the band’s late guitarist and founder, Erik Lindmark.

Purchase Nucleus here: https://orcd.co/nucleus

Watch the video to the title track here: https://youtu.be/JBbe62tkLLo

For more Deeds Of Flesh info:


Technical death metal pioneers Deeds of Flesh return after a seven year hiatus with their 9th studio album NUCLEUS, set for release via Unique Leader Records on DECEMBER 11TH, 2020 (Jan 15th on Vinyl).

DEEDS OF FLESH have also unveiled the first single from the album, ‘Alyen Scourge’. Check it out at deedsoffleslhmetal.com

You can pre-order the album and a huge selection of bundle options from IndieMerchstore and Impericon.de as of tomorrow morning!

The band’s first release since the tragic passing of guitarist / vocalist and Unique Leader founder Erik Lindmark, who lost a battle with Sclerosis 2018, Nucleus features retired member Jacoby Kingston back in the fold along with guest performances some of the biggest names in extreme metal to celebrate his life and contribution to metal.

Vocalist Jacoby Kingston is joined by:
Luc Lemay (Gorguts)
John Gallagher (Dying Fetus)
George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (Cannibal Corpse)
Frank Mullen (Suffocation)
Matti Way (Submerged)
Bill Robinson (Decrepit Birth)
Dusty Boisjolie (Severed Savior, ILLUMINEGRA)
Anthony Trapani (Odious Mortem, Severed Savior (Official),
Obie Flett (Pathology)
Robbe Kok (Disavowed)
Jon Zig (Serpentian).

With a mix of the old and new styles of DEEDS OF FLESH writing, this album is the completion of a story that began with Of What’s to Come (2008) and ran through Portals to Canaan (2013). The music was written by Erik Lindmark (RIP), Craig Peters, Ivan Munguia and Darren Cesca, and had been recorded and partially mixed for almost four years. When Erik Lindmark passed in 2018, vocalist Jacoby Kingston came out of retirement to help finish the album. Alongside long-time drummer Mike Hamilton, they finished the story arc, wrote the lyrics and made the vocal arrangements for Nucleus.

Guitarist Craig Peters commented:

“After we started the writing process for Nucleus about 7 years ago, I’m very glad that now fans will be able to hear what we’ve been working on. This album is special to me because I got to work closely with Erik on the material to really craft a cinematic experience for the listener. With the passing of Erik we were all saddened by the news and not sure where things would go with the album and the band. It only seemed right to have Jacoby and Mike come back into the fold to help finish this album. They’re such a huge part of the Deeds of flesh legacy that I couldn’t see the album completed any other way. Nucleus completes this amazing story that Erik started with Of What’s To Come with a fusion of older and newer musical elements of the band with stuff fans have never heard before. Get ready because this album is an intense journey!”

Vocalist Jacoby Kingston commented:

“After losing Erik, it didn’t feel right to have anyone else do the vocals on this album, so I knew coming out of retirement only made sense. Mike Hamilton and I made a plan to tackle the story and lyrics as a team and it came out better than I could have hoped for. Writing and performing on this album brought me back to the early days of recording “Gradually Melted” and “Trading Pieces”, when everything was new and exciting. We put 100% into this album and I think it really shows. The dream team of guest vocalists that laid down tracks on this album is ridiculous and humbling at the same time. We are honored to have them, and I think fans will be excited about it once they learn who is on there. The music is freaking crazy, but it’s definitely a Deeds album. We’ve managed to mix some of the old and new together to come out with a hybrid form for a new era.”

For more DEEDS OF FLESH info:


Deeds of Flesh was formed back in mid 1993 by Jacoby Kingston, Erik Lindmark and Joey Heaslet. Before Deeds of Flesh, they were all in different bands but felt a calling to Deeds after their initial jam session together. Their goal at the time was to push the envelope, so to speak, in the current scene with a more technical, intense style of songwriting.

After taking 3 months to write the first CD entitled “Gradually Melted”, we released it through various labels. It took off explosively in the underground, gaining worldwide recognition extremely fast. Touring included: U.S. supporting Broken Hope/Malevolent Creation/Oppressor and Monstrosity.

In late 95′, the band signed with Repulse Records (Spain) for a 2 album deal and released their first full length CD entitled “Trading Pieces” in 96′, not much touring for this album was done due to Joey having to leave the band because of flight schooling opportunities but the release took off anyway.

Touring included: supporting Incantation in Europe, Fuck the Commerce festival, U.S. mini tour supported by Vile/Devourement (TX only).

The second Repulse Records release “Inbreeding the Anthropophagi” was released in 1998 and featured new drummer Brad Palmer. The release was over the top technically and included guest vocals from Matti Way of Disgorge.

Touring included: Deeds of Flesh/Dying Fetus U.S. and Canadian tour, Milwaukee Metalfest 1998, Ohio Deathfest 1999.

Also in 98′ the band re-released a new remastered version of “Gradually Melted” with all new artwork. Touring during this time period was also limited due to Brad having to leave the band.

In 1999, Deeds picked up guitarist Jim Tkacz and original drummer Joey Heaslet stepped in to record “Path of the Weakening”, which was written from beginning to end and recorded all in about 2 month’s time. This was the debut release for the band’s own record label – Unique Leader Records – on which, all following Deeds of Flesh CDs would be released. Path brought a darker element to the songwriting, which stuck with the band ever since, although still keeping the original Deeds of Flesh intensity.

Soon after, Mike Hamilton also joined Deeds to take on the task of drumming for the band full time. Jimmy T, after recording Path and performing on a headlining Brazilian tour, left the band to take care of personal family matters. Jared Deaver, formerly of Impaled/Psypheria, was hired to replace him.

Touring included: Bloodletting N. America 1- headlining U.S. and Canada with Cephalic Carnage/Disgorge/Mortal Decay, headlining tour in Brazil, Death Across America(U.S.):Vader/Dying Fetus/Deeds of Flesh/Cephalic Carnage, Milwaukee Metalfest 2002.

Jared had one too many obligations back home and had to leave the band. In 2001, Deeds of Flesh released “Mark of the Legion”, once again as a three piece. Aaron Gustafson joined soon after on guitar to help with 2 tours.

Touring included: Bloodletting N. America 2-Monstrosity/Deeds of Flesh/Pyaemia, Gutting Europe 2-Deeds of Flesh/Disgorge/ Pyaemia, Fuck the Commerce 4 festival, U.S. tour with-Cannibal Corpse/Malevolent Creation/Hate Eternal/Macabre/Deeds of Flesh/Cephalic Carnage, New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.

In 2003, Deeds of Flesh released “Reduced to Ashes”, their 5th full-length release.

Touring Included: Europe-Hate Eternal/Dying Fetus/Deeds of Flesh/Prejudice, New Zealand/Australia headlining with Psycroptic, Canada headlining with Mortal Decay.

The DVD ”Live in Montreal” was also released at this time and featured a video for “Crown of Souls” the upcoming CD and a full live set from the headlining Canadian tour.

In December of 2004, Deeds recorded “Crown of Souls” for a 2005 release – their 6th full-length album. This was the first release to feature the artwork of the famous Raymond Swanland. Before touring for “Crown of Souls”, Deeds picked up lead guitarist Sean Southern.

Touring included: Gutting Europe 5-Monstrosity/Deeds of Flesh/Impaled/Vile, Bloodletting N. America 5-Deeds of Flesh/Vile/Decrepit Birth/Odious Mortem.

In Early 2007, Jacoby retired from the band and was replaced by Erlend Caspersen from Norway. With the new line up the band decided to add more elements of over writing from the 2nd guitar and bass rather than writing as a 3 piece as in the past. The band also took a different vocal and lyrical approach. The previous Deeds of Flesh albums all lyrically dealt with the darker sides of the human condition, and tragedy ranging from many different subject matters. The change based content on a more fictional future of human existence, concentrating on a new concept of mankind’s place in the universe and the challenges faced.

The 2008 release “Of What’s to Come” brought many new elements to the band, especially on the guitars including more lead work and overwriting. The Vocals were also approached in a more aggressive direction.

In 2013, the band released its 9th studio release, “Portals to Canaan”, which featured 2 new members: Craig Peters (lead guitar) & Ivan Munguia (bass), continuing the over-the-top musical structures and added new chapters to the band’s ever-evolving lyrical concepts.

In 2016, Mike Hamilton left a band due to personal reasons and a busy touring schedule with Exhumed and he and Erik Lindmark recruited Darren Cesca to play drums on the next album. Darren joined the band and along with Craig, Erik and Ivan, they finished writing the next album and recorded it.

In 2018, Deeds was all set to finish the recording of their 10th release when health problems sidelined Erik and eventually took his life. With no lyrics written or vocals recorded, it was doubtful the album would ever see the light of day. Co-founder Jacoby Kingston, who had retired back in 2007, made a vow alongside Mike Hamilton to not let the music die with Erik and took up the flag to finish the lyric writing and recording of the album “Nucleus”. Together, Jacoby and Mike wrote the third story to the trilogy of records, which was started back in 2007. The new album is a mix of the new and old Deeds in many ways and is full of legendary guest vocal surprises.


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