We are pleased & very excited to announce that Darren Cesca will be featured on the next release on percussion. He is well known in the drummer community and highly looked up to for his talents. For those of you who do not know Darren, he is a beast behind the drum kit and brings a lot to offer to the Deeds sound dynamically and fits perfect with what all our visions are. Darren has composed all the drum patterns from start to finish on all the tracks and is doing an amazing job. We will have more news in the weeks ahead in regards to the new album. Here is an official statement from Darren:

Deeds of Flesh – Official Statement: Darren Cesca

I am excited to announce that I will be working on the new Deeds of Flesh record and am definitely pumped about the opportunity.

I remember back in the day the first time I heard “Path of the Weakening” and the sheer brutality and unrelenting style of death metal that came across. Deeds has evolved over the years and It’s great where they’re at musically in 2016. Their style is even more technical dynamic now which I think fits perfectly with what I do.

I’m excited at the chance to collaborate with the band and enhance the music with what I bring to the table. My goal as always is to help be a part of the best album that an artist can put out to date and create a memorable listener experience. I’m looking forward to the challenge and can’t wait for everyone to hear what lies ahead!

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